It’s Come-to-Our-Store Day!

How local dance retailers can step up their marketing around special days with social-media campaigns, store events and special displays.

Tutu Day at Gabie’s Boutique in Newmarket, Ontario. Courtesy of the retailer.

Your store certainly celebrates (and markets around) Tutu Day on February 2 or National Tap Dance Day on May 25. But what about the slew of other national days that can work as marketing springboards for your store—who even remembers them all? Some are serious—National Teacher Appreciation Day (May 5 this year); some more whimsical, like Tell a Fairy Tale Day (February 26) or National Cupcake Day (February 24). But all can be put to work to draw attention to your store and bring customers through your door. (Follow @daysoftheyear or @nationaldaycal on Twitter for a running list, or visit, which also lists themed weeks.) 

A holiday should be relevant to your business, of course, or else customers will get turned off. But you have leeway to be creative and have some fun by making quirky or surprising connections, both in your store and online. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Plan social-media posts.

Many of the national days are “hashtag holidays” that trend on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, giving you the chance to expose your brand to thousands and reach potential new customers. (See for a list of hashtag holidays.) Content built around these days can liven up your social-media posts—and simplify them, since you can schedule posts and prepare photos ahead of time. Make sure any campaign is true to your brand and values, and that you make a real connection to your customers. What more perfect day to show your appreciation of them, for instance, than on Thank You Thursday on April 23? Always be sure to check for overlap with more solemn national holidays. As SproutSocial warns: “Tweeting about #PockyDay while ignoring Veterans Day on the same date might not be the best idea.”

Build a promotion or sale or store event around a day. 

Put a specific item on sale or offer a discount. How about a pink tights BOGO sale on National Pink Day, June 23? Put signs up and post about the sale on social media and in e-mail blasts to publicize it ahead of time. Add to the fun by serving pink lemonade and pink mini-cupcakes. Or how about a training-tools sale on National Foam Rolling Day (yep, it’s May 11)? Consider offering a free demo or workshop on dancer self-care and injury prevention to bring customers into the store that day. 

Find inspiration for displays.

Any cross-merchandised display can include props for particular days. (Check out these Valentine’s Day displays, for instance.) And windows give you a chance to grab attention, too. Wear Red Day (#GoRedGetFit, February 7) might prompt you to show a splash of red leos or leggings in the window. Or National Color Day on October 22 could be the launch of weekly color-themed displays and props (balloons? feather boas?) and promotions. 

Next step: Check the list of days and let your creativity loose.

Last updated January 15, 2020