Tips for Writing the Most Engaging Instagram Captions

Instagram is much more than a pretty picture. Here’s how to up the engagement on your feed.

A well-written Instagram caption will keep followers engaged—and coming back. Getty Images

Instagram may be a very visual social-media platform, but when your store or studio uses Instagram for marketing, words count, too. Instagram Business recently suggested tips for “how to write captions that keep people reading,” and Social Media Examiner has published a guide. Here’s their best advice.

Tell a story with your caption—something that will connect people emotionally to you and your business.

Maybe it’s something inspiring about how you started your studio or store. Or perhaps it’s a behind-the-scenes look at all that goes into your studio’s prep for a recital or competition. For customers of a local dance retailer, the story of how you’re renovating your space can build excitement with sneak peeks before the grand reopening. Or share the backstory about a new line of dance skirts you’re stocking and the designer behind them or why you chose to sell them. 

A zingy sentence can work as a caption, but a short paragraph gives you more room to nail down your message.

What is the image about and what’s your purpose in posting it? Say it’s about a sale or an event; a caption is where you give the details—date, time, special discounts, what’s on sale—and spell out specifics on how to participate. 

If the caption is a long paragraph, break it into a few short ones.

Pro tip: Don’t use an emoji at the end of a paragraph, or any spaces, or else it will all revert to one long paragraph when you post.

Always write a compelling or intriguing first sentence.

Since Instagram only shows 125 characters of a longer caption before inserting “…more,” give your followers reason to click and keep reading.

Consider including a call-to-action.

What do you want people to do? Is it a shoppable post? Then say “tap to shop.” A promotion for a flash sale or recital tickets on your website? “Click link in our bio.” Pointe shoe care info? Ask them to “tag your dance class friend who also might like this tip.” Or suggest they share the post to their Instagram Stories.

The Bottom Line

It’s worth paying attention to this part of Instagram posting because, as Social Media Examiner concludes, “a well-crafted caption with a clear message and possibly a call-to-action can make a significant impact on your Instagram results.”